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5 takeaways from Compass REtreat on seizing a slowing market

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Thu, 2022-10-27 17:40
Five of Compass' top real estate agents, team leaders and executives shared tips for recruiting, marketing, generating leads and maintaining their mental health during a market shift.

Widow sues Compass for alleged abuse in pocket listing sale

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Thu, 2022-10-27 16:56
The lawsuit alleges Compass agent Cory Cooper pressured an elderly homeowner to sell her property off the multiple listing service to a real estate investor he knew.

Going back to basics? Here’s what top agents are doing to finish the year strong

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Thu, 2022-10-27 15:50
Rally your team for the last quarter with these tried-and-true tips from leading experts. Adam Hergenrother founder and CEO of Livian, says this is not the time to slow down, and that mindset is key.

Pacaso unveils sales certification program loaded with incentives

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Thu, 2022-10-27 15:45
Called the Second Home Specialist Certification, the curriculum will expand agents' knowledge of the unique nature of selling high-end homes in destination markets including the concept of co-ownership.

Gary Keller’s best advice for a downturn: The Real Word

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Thu, 2022-10-27 15:27
This week: Mike DelPrete says to expect more mergers and acquisitions, Gary Keller gives advice for the current market, and Left, Middle, Right.

In the short term, home prices will fall. But then what, economists ask

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Thu, 2022-10-27 15:12
Affordability concerns weigh on nearly every corner of the housing market as the economy tips toward a possible recession, according to a new survey of real estate experts.

Prices and rates are sky high! But what if my client NEEDS to move?

USA Real Estate News-Inman - Thu, 2022-10-27 15:00
Despite mortgage rates near 7 percent and generationally high inflation, thousands of people still need to move in the next year and need help in navigating homebuying in the pricy market.
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